Meet Fauja Singh.

This 101 year old from London, only started running when he was 89 – to combat depression after losing his wife.  He ran his 1st marathon in 2000, and has gone on to complete 8 marathons!

In our SASFA group (South African Senior Fitness Association) we have a couple of 90 year olds ( Myrlea Woodgate 91), still instructing group classes!

I often mention Mrs Betty Thompson, 92 – Port Elizabeth, who is still attending classes – dancing like a feather, having a core as strong as an ox!

The internet is full of inspiring examples of people deciding NOT to give up on their bodies.

Society wants us to act our age and live our lives accordingly.  Who is society?  Who are these individuals who dictates to us what we should be and how we should live our lives?

Yes, we should obey the law and follow the moral compass, but acting our age is over-rated!  I’m in my 40’s and life could not be better!  Should I slow down and behave?  Hell no!  I’m still able to run, to climb a mountain, to swim in the ocean, and I will continue doing all these things and more till my body decides for me it has had enough.

So what to do when you body doesn’t want to go the same path your mind wants to?

There is ALWAYS a way.  sometimes we just need to slow the pace down an bit and adapt to what we are able to do.

Mr Fauja Singh didn’t decide to compete against the front runners.  He decided to follow his own pace.  I’m pretty sure he still walks on some of his races, shuffling his feet as he goes along.  The point is, he didn’t stop.

Being active  isn’t just about the physical.  It has more to do with keeping the brain active as far as possible.  I truly believe that when we stop being active, our minds suffer the most.               Movement brings life.

But in order to keep moving on, we need to “speak to our brains”  –  thank you Fay for this lovely saying.   Yes, you have to literally say to your brain that it CAN and it WILL keep moving.  Who’s in charge of your body?  You or your body?  YOU make the decisions and YOU execute them.

So don’t look at your age.  That is just a number.  You were made to move.  You have many more years ahead of you.

And when your body starts slowing down, find different paths of staying active.  The more the brain stays active, the more the body will listen to it’s commands, the healthier and alive you will be!

You KNOW everything in life starts with a choice.  So choose to keep going!