As we grow old we tend to become slower, more prone to degenerative conditions of all kinds like arthritis. Which can do quite the number on our joints.

Exercise has been proven to slow down the aging process; and the core strength exercises for seniors can help to help maintain your weight, stamina and fight common ailments that come along with aging.


Lots of seniors tend not to exercise for various reasons. You may have thought to yourself that “it’s too much work”. Or you may have a bad knee, hip or shoulder etc. Little nagging injuries and pains tend to make it difficult to even get started. And even when you have a great trainer pushing you, or no matter how beautiful that exercise instructor on the screen looks, you may just want to give up and let them do it themselves.


Strengthening your core muscles, which comprises of your front and side stomach muscles, and your back muscles, are vitally important for your all around health. Core exercises will help you keep and improve your range of motion and even possibly reduce joint pain.

This means you don’t have to be afraid of enjoying your evening walk, or your favourite physical activity. Other benefits are that you can increase balance and stability. You can also improve your posture and diminish your risk of falling.


Core workouts don’t just help with stability and stamina that tend to diminish with age, but they also help with the pain management and control of many medical conditions.


In a 2013 Mega-analysis published in “Sports Medicine,” researchers determined that core strength training can improve body strength by an average of 30% while stability and functional performance goes up by a good 23% in seniors. According to a 2013 German study published in “Gerontology.” Core strengthening exercises for seniors also had a high exercise adherence rate, almost 92%. The results of the study were based on data collected from 32 older adults.

  1. One of the more common conditions that affect seniors is Osteoporosis; the onset of this condition is coupled with skeletal material weakness and deterioration. Sometimes, it can cause deformity and fractures of the spine and hips.
  2. Arthritis is a condition that attacks your joint cartilage and synovial membrane respectively.
  3. Balance is affected with age. The more a body suffers from inactivity the more it damages coordination.
  4. Symptoms caused by pulmonary diseases also known as COPD, (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) can be relieved by core strengthening exercises that focus on the abdomen and chest muscles.
  5. With age comes inactivity and with a lack of exercise comes obesity and that in turn can affect blood sugar levels and blood pressure.
  6. Lower Back problems can be managed and improved with stretches and strengthening focused on the lumbar and sacral area.


So as you can see, Core strengthening exercises CAN improve your life in more ways than one.


Now Core strengthening exercises can be done in a couple of different ways:

The main purpose of these exercises is not to turn you into a body builder.  Your core muscles are all meant to work together like a wonderful symphony. The beauty of core workouts is the ease with which you can practice them. You can do them on a carpeted floor or a mat, sitting in a chair, or even standing, and you don’t need extensive equipment heavy weights.


PILATES classes  –  as the ones BE FITNESS TRAINING conducts  –  is a very good way of strengthening your core muscles, improving your health.

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I hope that this article will make you more aware of how important it is to never stop exercising!