In 1971,  (Were you born yet then? I wasn’t……)  The pop charts saw the light of the new hit single from the New Seekers:  I’d like to teach the world to sing

Originally, this song was actually written for a Coca Cola advert jingly!  “Coca-Cola’s Hilltop ad“.  Because of the song’s popularity, the writers later revised the song, creating a top hit in the UK and the USA.

The 70’s is known for controversy all over the world:  South Africa gripped in Apartheid, young adults in Europe and America protesting for their rights, Vietnam..

Interesting about the 70’s:

*Disney World opened  –  1971

*The Beatles broke up – 1970

*The World Trade center is completed – 1970

*Apple computer launched – 1976

*The first Star Wars movie was released – 1977

*Elvis found dead – 1977

The message behind the song: I’d like to teach the world to sing, is one of peace, love for all.

I’d like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I’d like to hold it in my arms
And keep it company

I would like for myself to be able to sing in perfect harmony, but unfortunately, I cannot. What I can do is teach the world to SEE in perfect harmony.

Think of the state of the world right now. What are the things that you worry about? What are the issues that you disagree with others on? It seems as if lately we are all worried about some of these things…

“People are good.” Sometimes though, we all struggle. That is where I think we could focus.

That line again, “I’d like to teach the world to sing (or see) in perfect harmony.” When we hear it, whether it be from the song or in ads, it still rings the same in your heart. Just stop for a second and think of the intention of this statement: “in perfect harmony.” Harmony is not created by everyone singing the same notes together, but by everyone singing different notes that work beautifully together.

How do we obtain “perfect harmony”?  We do it through acceptance and understanding.
Accepting and understanding for each individual.

You first have to accept their story, how they have gotten here so far in life. The facts, yes, but more importantly, how did they experience them?

Then you start the journey of understanding. You are curious and you use discovery. You don’t figure it out looking through your lens or filter, but you hear the story through the narration of what is happening through their lenses.

Each person will experience the same situation differently according to their design. I’ll say it again. You could experience the exact same thing, side by side, with exactly the same facts and, because of the difference in each design’s thought process, you will experience it completely different.

So let us learn to accept and understand.  Think of other’s harmony or personality and accept their way of thinking. You don’t change yours, you just negotiate from those two ways of thinking. It’s like you are seeing one event from many different sides.

I promise if we do this when we are interacting with others, we will start to see one little Christmas miracle after another pop up. Probably nothing huge, but the impact on the harmony in the relationships around us, will be great.

So at this time of life, sing (even if it’s not in perfect harmony), laugh, accept, and understand…The more we do this, the more we will begin to SEE in perfect harmony. Live and love, and remember:

everyone is a masterpiece.