Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom
Let it be

(Paul McCartney – 1969)

This is one of my favorite Beatle songs.  It begins with Paul saying how when he finds himself in times of trouble, “Mother Mary” comes to him.  I had always thought that Mary means the virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. But Paul’s mother was also named Mary, and she died when he was a young boy. Paul has said in interviews that when he wrote the song he was thinking about his mother.

Let it be  =  To stop interfering with someone or something.  To let something be, to wait patiently.

How many of us can do that?  Wait patiently for something.

The expression:  Rome was not build in a day,  often gets followed up by quirky remarks, like: “It’s because I was not there”, or “but they build on it every day”.

Rome was not build in a day  =  important work takes time.  (This phrase was a French proverb in the late 1100s but was not recorded in English until 1545.)

My point here is this:  we have become such an impatient generation.  Everything has to be instant.  We lack the skill to sit quietly and wait.  Corporate environments demands everything done NOW, and even entrepreneurs struggle to overcome the constant rush of evolving with the times, that we’ve lost the power to let it be in our private lives.

Even health is now instant.  We want to lose weight NOW, food is available NOW, you don’t have to get out of your car or house to pick it up.  We don’t have the will to wait.  We want to be perfect instantly…

I often get these ideas that pop into my head on random occasions.  I then tend to write them down… (just like this BLOG, before I wrote it.) And then I let it be.  I take time to ponder on the thought, do some research if necessary, but I wait till that what I need to say, shows itself.  And when it does, I know that the time is right and it will be perfect.

It reminds me of the story of the Potter and his clay…

Clay doesn’t instantly comes from a packet in the supermarket.  There is a whole process involve: from retrieving the clay from a river bed, purifying it from all the decree and extra small stones can take some time, as you need to dry it out first, crush it to remove anything extra, then slowly wet it again till it forms a clay.

Kneading the clay is also time consuming,  there can be no air bubbles, otherwise the creation will crack when baked.  The potter doesn’t hastily work with the clay.  He takes his time, gently shaping the clay into something beautiful.

Nothing extra gets added to the clay.  It’s only sand and water.  It’s got all it needs to be a beautiful, perfect creation right there.  We get so impatient with ourselves, wanting to be better, always striving to add extras to our lives.  We want extra patients.  We want extra faith.  We want to be better listeners.  Do you realize that everything you need to live this life, is already inside you?  You don’t need to go look for it to find yourself.  But because we are impatient, we don’t see that which already exists in front of us.

Once the potter is done creating, he takes that vessel…..and places it on a shelf.  Let it be…..

I like to call this our shelf life.  We get placed on the shelf, not because we did something wrong, but actually because we did something right.  During the shelf life period, a created vessel is observed, giving it time to air out any imperfections, making sure that when that vessel is placed into the fire oven and baked, it will not crack.

Can you picture us all sitting on the shelf together, some moaning because nothing is getting done, others feel that they a left behind, because nothing seem to be working.  And there are those actually enjoying the shelf life, being secure in knowing that they need to be patient and wait.  When the time is right, everything will fall into place and life will make sense.  When the time is right, they will be taken off the shelf and placed into the oven, because they will be ready for the challenges life will give them, and they will not break or crack.

When things around you are not happening, know that you are placed on the shelf, and you are being prepared for life.  That once time is ready, you will be ready to follow your dreams, you will not break or crack with life’s challenges, but that you will soar and you will fulfill your purpose.