“People often say that motivation does not last.  Neither does bathing, but we still do it every day.” – Zig Ziglar

Why do we strive to motivate ourselves daily?

Motivation is the reason for our actions, willingness and goals. Motivation is derived from the word motive which is defined as a need that requires satisfaction. These needs could also be wants or desires that are acquired through influence of culture, society and lifestyle.

Still, as people who are positive, who is secure in who we are, why do we still need to be motivated daily?

I think we all know that we live in a negative age.  People in general are more focused inwardly on their own need and desires, that they find fault with everything and everybody around them.  Especially if their needs are not met immediately.  And all this negative pressure rubs off on even the most positive individual.  And it is becoming more difficult to stay who you are under this pressure.  To stay motivated to follow your dreams, especially if they take forever to come true!

So what do we do to stay motivated and not to allow negative people in influence our vision?

Have you ever asked yourself what motivates you?  I’m always curious to know what motivates someone to take a certain action.  I often ask my children what motivated them to make the wrong choice… (they dislike me when I ask this, cause they know where I’m heading with it, and often, they just do something, not thinking of the consequence.)  Don’t we also do the same?  Do something without thinking…  This is not wrong and sometimes it is good to just do without thinking, but with life in general, we need motivation to become a better version of ourselves, to achieve our goals and reach our dreams.

Motivation is like a petrol station.  When you run low on energy and focus, you just return to motivation to keep you going.

So what does motivate you?  Is it individuals who cross your path daily, is it daily positive saying you read, or do you just rely on yourself to stay motivated.

I am in general a positive, motivated person.  And I strive to motivate and influence others positively.  Not because it comes with the job description,  but I LOVE to motivate.  But even I struggle daily to keep my motivation going, to remain positive when life’s pressures are pulling me down, when my focus is drawn away by small, meaningless argument or situations.

What motivates me?

  • I have this ritual of finding just 1 person per day, who inspires me to be better.   They become my focus and reminder who I am and what my goal is.
  • I surround myself with other positive people.  Life is too short to drag negative people along with you.  That burned becomes to heavy and will tire you out quickly.  So I spend more time with like minded positive people.
  • Quotes, quotes, quotes.  This might sound cliche, but reading positive quotes really works for me.  I have them on my phone, written and stuck on my office wall, my facebook feeds are covered with motivational quotes.  The more I read them, the more they come and lay in my heart.
  • Nature motivates me.  I LOVE spending time on the beach.  Not to swim or tan or watch people, but to breathe,  to take stock of where I’m at and where I am heading.  I have walked and cried along the beach, sometimes I just sit or I pick up shells, I have even had conversations with myself … aloud.  This keeps my  going.  This is where I find myself again.  Then I am ready to go back into the real world.
  • I motivate myself.  I often remind myself where I came from.  Where I was 10 years ago, and I tell myself I am here with a purpose and I am living that purpose.

You need to take stock of your life, find that which keeps you going and then remind yourself daily, even every minute, to keep holding on.  Write it down, stick it in your car, on your computer screen, where ever you need to, to remind yourself.  Motivation is what will get you to the end.

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