We all need to move.  Is the basic of life.

Moving your body gets your heart beating and your blood flowing. By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin.

Moving our bodies daily is so vital for our mental health, our strength, and for our general well-being. By getting ourselves moving a little more each day, we are helping our bodies and minds function at their best.

Movement brings life.

Movement is the trigger to our emotions.  When we move, our bodies releases mood enhancing endorphins, which makes us feel great about ourselves  and makes us want to move more!

Movement changes our lives.

I often hear people saying how movement changed their lives, how they are in a better head space, how their bodies, their minds and lifestyles has changed.  And this is so true. Movement has the power to change your life.

Besides all the reasons to move, the right type of movement can also help relieve pain in joints and other parts of the body.

You were made to move!

You know you have a purpose.  You know you can’t just sit and wait for it.  You need to move.  We were created to breathe, to move, to live life!  No movement means your purpose is not being fulfilled.  Please don’t say Elmarie said I need to go run a marathon when you have never ran 2 steps in your life, or go climb a  mountain if you are in a wheelchair!  You move to your own heart beat.

Movement has different meanings for each of us.  Movement to you might be to go sit by the ocean, lift your hands up to the sky and breathe.  Or playing piano.  You move to your ability.

Movement is not just for the physical.  Movement brings life.  Not just to the body, but to your soul.   Your movement can change a life, you might never know about.You have the ability to move others by taking a single step.  Start to move with what you believe.  Move with your gift.  Move to help others. Move to feel your heart beat when you see others move.

You, my friend, can do anything you want to when you start to move.