I started out as a Pre-primary school teacher and kids have always been my first love. But giving fitness classes to woman in need of finding themselves and accepting their bodies, became my passion, as I myself am not perfect, but in accepting my body, I can push it to its limits and I know who I am.

It started in 2003 as BODYSCULPTING in a town in the Free State called Tweespruit.

I was struggling to fall pregnant due to diabetes and being overweight, so I started to exercise on my own to lose weight. At the time, I was giving ball play classes for kids and I was losing weight through my own designed fitness program, so the parents contacted me to assist them with weight loss and fitness classes. I did the training and the mission started.

Because my husband André was often transferred, we were privileged to move around a lot in the Free State and Northern Cape, and in each town I gave BODYSCULPTING classes - depending on the needs in the town.

Our family moved to Port Elizabeth in January 2015, wanting the best for both our children. Our son, Eduard, has special needs and we wanted him to feel safe and secure in his environment.

The BE Fitness Training studio started in March the same year, growing from 0 to 180 members since that time. Because we have a variety of different sessions, ages ranging between 30 and 95, we have been priviledged to work with so many individuals.

We are growing stronger by the day, as many ladies are learning to accept their bodies and making a positive health change for life.