Childhood and teenage health is increasingly being impacted by our culture of convenience and sedentary activity.
Eating fast food, long hours studying, watching TV and time on the computer and mobile phones have resulted in ever-increasing numbers of young children and teenagers developing issues or conditions related to weight, posture, injuries, motor coordination, low tone or musculoskeletal development.
Play is the natural way of tackling these issues.
Of course a great way of alleviating this growing problem is to encourage our children to do what they do best – run, jump, skip, climb and play freely in an unstructured way.
Playing sport is another more structured activity with numerous benefits for children.
Kids need to get in touch with their bodies through being active with everyday activities.
However playing games and sports may not be sufficient or even possible for some children who are dealing with particular issues or conditions.
We know what Pilates can do for adult and it can also offer a range of benefits to young children and teenagers. For example: improved posture and spinal alignment; increased strength and flexibility; balanced musculature; pain relief and reduced potential for injury.
Kids Pilates offers a fun group session for kids 4 and up, making them more aware of correctly using their core muscles and strengthening their bodies.
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