Our cell phones aren’t the only thing where batteries are flat when we require them the most!  This time of the year all our fuzzes are a little bit shorter.  Our own energy reserves running on empty. Burn out is more likely than ever before.

So what to do till the end of the year?  Here are some ways to recharge your batteries:

  • Reach out – when you’re on your own whether it’s in your office while you slave away or at home scouring the internet for new opportunities, connect with others. Make time for face to face interaction with others.  Have coffee or wine with your friends.
  • Visit your happy place – you don’t have to get on a plane or ride off into the sunset, just set aside 5 minutes twice a day to pause, reflect, imagine a life of wellbeing. It will flood your brain with positivity.
  • Get physical – Exercise reduces stress, so get out the house and walk around your suburb. The feel-good chemicals will flood your body which in turn reduce blood pressure, blood sugar & bad cholesterol.
  • Reconnect with what you love – forgotten what lights your fire? Use your happy place to figure that out then make time to do whatever it is; spending time with your family, knitting a scarf, baking, reading.
  • Take control – Make to-do lists and prioritize them, take your lunch hour and use it to reconnect with what you like to do
  • Do a mental-health check – If none of these ways mentioned above help you to refill your energy reserves then speak to a qualified person with expertise in chronic stress management.