Sometimes I laugh to loud.  Or I roll my eyes.  Sometimes I talk too softly.  Or I tend to forget.  I’m not bright about politics and will give my opinion if I see someone doing something wrong that I know will cause harm to them.  I’m not the type to fix my hair or make-up before I leave home and I NEVER cook pumpkin because I ALWAYS burn it.

This is who I am and I will not apologize for it.

I don’t think we are meant to live small, apologetic lives.

As a child I was taught to be seen and not heard.  I apologized if I was too loud or even did something out of the ordinary.  As an adult,  I realized that I have not been the correct version of myself.

Society dictates to us how we should walk, talk and look.  We get fed what they think what we should weigh and what to wear.  Weight is the standard most people measure us by.  I am not a standard.  I’m the best version of me.

The bravest thing you can do, is to live your own life without apology.

Each of us has been given a personality, a life, a light, and a destination to achieve. When we attempt to squash our authentic selves, we do not allow ourselves to take up the space we deserve. I have tried to keep quiet  –  seen and not heard. It has never been successful. It feels small and unbalanced. When I walk into a room with my head held high, a genuine smile on my face as I make eye contact with everyone, that is when I know I am in my element and know that I am taking up the space I deserve.

To take up space means not being afraid of asking for what you need and deserve, and to know that you are worthy to receive it. Most of us work tirelessly, day after day, to give back to others in some form or capacity. It could be with a job, a family, volunteer commitments, etc. How many times have you gone without in order for others to receive what they need? How many times have you been given a wrong food order or passed up an amazing parking spot because you didn’t want to inconvenience anyone around you? When you don’t take the opportunity to help yourself, you are doing yourself a disservice and making yourself small. Some would call it ‘being nice,’ but who are you being nice to? When you view yourself as small, others do too.

To be honest, I’ve driven past many parking spots and have refused to send back many meals in order to not cause a stir. When I own my thoughts, actions, and desires, that is when I know I am taking up my place in the world. It doesn’t mean being a jerk. It is okay to put yourself first, as long as it’s not at a detriment to others. It is up to you to determine where you belong in your life. Stop apologizing for being you and live with intention. Dance like someone is watching, ask for what you want, don’t apologize when someone steps on you, spread your arms wide, and take up as much space as you need. Live your life on your terms. It is the absolute bravest thing you can do.