There is nothing more beautiful, more gracious, than a sunrise.

Notice how it takes its time, but is always on time.  How it doesn’t by winds or storms or any other challenges and how it always rises on the same spot – depending on the season.

And then, despite wind and storms and miserable weather, it always remains beautiful.

Be a sunrise.  Every day.

Life is never without challenges.  Emotional storms will always be there to rock our boats.  But how we react in handling a challenged situation, will determine the course your life will take.

It’s not always easy to see the positive or the grace in life.  My boat often gets rocked and I fall off into being negative.  But I know I can swim and I know the effect me being negative can have on others, so I put on my big girl panties and shake the negativity off and get back on the boat.

I think most of us has days when we just want to moan and swim in our own sea of self-pity, not actually thinking about how this negativity effects others around us.

You will NEVER see a bad sunrise.  And it’s funny how when you notice a different, but equally beautiful sunrise, everyone takes pictures of it and spread it on social media.  People talk about beautiful positive things too.

It’s the same with you and me.  When you are constant negative, people start to avoid you.  But when you shine positivity in every challenge, people will notice and talk about it.  Positivity draws people.

Be consistent.  Yes, life is never the same and each challenge is different, but it doesn’t mean you need to change.

Someone once said: “If you’ve always did what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.”  I know times are changing and we can’t always do what we did 10 years ago,  but who we are is still the same.  Positivity has not changed.  How we deal emotionally with difficult challenges, should not change.  If you’ve always been positive in adversity, the outcome will be the same:  positive, an example, glowing, beautiful, gracious.

Beauty starts within.  The sun looks the same everyday.  It doesn’t change its appearance, put some sparkle on.  It’s the surroundings around the sun that enhances its beauty.  Sometimes clouds may hide the true beauty, but when those rays shines through the clouds, it displays a different beauty that inspires us even more.  Your beauty comes from within.  Let your challenges make you sparkle even more!

Make sure to look at a sunrise once a week.  Let the grace and poise warm you and inspires you to make each day just as beautiful and positive and perfect.