Chocolate is a Passion

You don’t just nibble or eat chocolate… you savor, experience, live… and at times, reluctantly share chocolate.

Chocolate possesses mystical powers! Want to make a friend – offer chocolate, want to make up – send chocolate, want to heal – bring chocolate, want to be popular – give chocolate, want to feel good – eat chocolate!

Chocolate has a rich history, not just related to where it comes from and how it made its way to Europe, but how it has evolved from an Aztec drink called “Chocolatl”, to the wondrous food we now know as chocolate.  The Aztec called it the foods of the Gods, it was sold in Europe as a cure, and today, it’s the most popular treat on earth!

It taste so good, you can hardly believe that it can actually do us any good!  Therefor we often hide it in our secret hiding place and then feel guilty later!

Are you looking for an excuse to indulge in your guilty pleasure?

It turns out that chocolate can actually benefit our health, in fact, here are 12 good reasons you should be adding DARK chocolate to your daily diet

(Just remember that this ONLY applies to bitter, dark chocolate, containing 70% cocoa or more….)

10 minutes after you’ve had that amazing piece of chocolate, it:

  1. Improves your mood and invigorates you  –  you’ve always thought so, and it has been scientifically proven:  chocolate makes you happier and inspires you to do great things.
  2. Improves the brain’s blood supply and dilates blood vessels  –  DARK chocolates make blood flow to the brain much better.  It helps to boost our memory and gives us better reaction and focus!  It has been proven to be effective in both young and older adults and is just what we need before a mental activity!
  3. It lowers blood pressure
  4. DARK chocolate protects your teeth  –  it can actually prevent tooth decay!  Cocoa butter covers teeth with a protective film, which impedes bacteria growth.

If you eat DARK chocolate a few days in a row:

  1. It can help prevent diabetes  –  Flavonoid in the chocolate increases the levels of nitrogen oxide in our blood, which decreases diabetes.
  2. Lowers anxiety levels – we all have something to get nervous about.  We are offered different, expensive alternatives to help cope with the anxiety.  The good news is that you can do it naturally, by eating dark chocolate!  By eating DARK chocolate, you are increasing your serotonin levels.  Low serotonin is caused by anxiety, and at the same time, is responsible for it.  Cocoa helps to reduce the levels of stress hormones.  If you want the effect of your chocolate treatment to be even better, try adding almonds covered in DARK chocolate.
  3. DARK chocolates has magical powers…  lowers sweet cravings!  Taking one small bite or even just smelling it can fool your stomach into believing you’re not hungry!   DARK chocolate can fight the hunger hormone, Ghrelin, which makes it a SUPER HERO in my books!

The long term effects of eating DARK chocolate regularly:

  1. It benefits your heart  –  no one would ever question the benefits for heart health. Regular exercise and eating healthy is just two of the things we should do to keep our hearts healthy, but we can also help it be adding DARK chocolate to our diet.  DARK chocolate reduces the risk of Cardiovascular diseases.  Flavonoids chocolate is rich in protecting us from free radicals which damage good cells which is essential for our hearts.
  2. It cleans vessels, thanks to Flavonoids and anti oxidants  –  The flovonoids helps our arteries to stay flexible and makes  white blood cells  less sticky.  As a result, your blood vessels are less likely to get clogged up.
  3. DARK chocolate raises intelligent levels!  It increases brain plasticy,  which results in higher intelligence….
  4. Slows the aging process thanks to antioxidants  –  we all want to stay young and beautiful for ever!  DARK chocolate is rich in minerals like Iron, Copper and Magnesium and also a good amount of antioxidants, which can protect us from the damage of free radicals.
  5. Makes kids  –  and grown ups – happier!  Recent research in Finland found that DARK chocolate even makes unborn children happier!  A group of pregnant woman was asked to describe their stress levels and tell how much DARK chocolate they ate.  6 Months after they have given birth, they were asked to describe their baby’s behavior.   It turned out that baby’s who’s mothers consumed bitter chocolate during pregnancy, are less fearful, more active and smile more often.  It shows that the good chemicals in the DARK chocolate can be passed on to babies still in the womb!

There you have it!  So many reasons why you should add DARK chocolate to your diet!  Feel free to have 2 -3 pieces every day…