Mark Twain once said: “I can live for two months on a good compliment.”

A compliment is a positive and powerful encouragement. Kind words infuse confidence in a child and inspiration in adults. When we receive a compliment, we  feel like someone is noticing us,  and we feel accepted by them – a basic human need for us. And amazingly enough, the smallest compliment goes a long way.

A study by Japanese scientists asked the test subjects to learn and perform specific finger exercises on a keyboard as fast as possible. The subjects were separated into three groups.

One group received individual compliments from an evaluator. A second group watched another participant receive compliments, and the third evaluated their own performance on a graph.

When the participants returned to perform the exercise sequence a day later, those who had been complimented performed significantly better than either of the other two groups. They discovered when receiving a compliment, the brain is activated in the same region as when someone received money. Compliments are as powerful as cash.

The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions – the little, soon forgotten charities of a kiss or a smile, a kind look or heartfelt compliment.   Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Mirror, mirror on the wall…..

IKEA designs furniture and house hold appliances and is based all over the world.  IKEA retailing started as
an idea in the woods of southern Sweden more than  70 years ago.

In 2014, IKEA decided to do a special servey in the UK.   Starting from the common knowledge that most people have doubts about their appearance, the brand came up with the idea of a ‘‘Motivational Mirror.” The furniture company has recently installed a mirror at their Wembley store location which is able to read users’ body features and brighten up their day with a personalized compliment.

So imagine yourself coming to IKEA from your office, tired and not in a very good mood, and you run across the regular looking mirror, but instead of only delivering your reflection, it starts talking?

As the shoppers walk by the mirror, they are surprised by the sudden, yet sympathetic flattery about their look. One keen purchaser emphasized the positive effects of self-boosting mirror: ”I was walking down the aisle, and this amazing mirror just whistled at me. Great for me, I never get compliments. I could have stood there all day, to be honest.”

You see, giving a compliment doesn’t just boost the person you are giving it to,  YOU also receive the feeling of giving when you hand out a compliment.  Compliments don’t have to be long and drawn out.  “Your hair looks great”, or “I love your smile”, or even just a “Thank you” can literally change someone’s life.

Start with giving only 1 compliment a day.  That 1 will quickly multiply!

Need some examples of great compliments?  Have a look at this link:

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