An Attitude is an opinion,  a settled way of thinking or feeling about something.  It’s a belief.

Picture a magnet for a second.  Such a powerful piece of iron, having the ability to attract other iron-containing objects or aligning itself in an external magnetic field.  Having a positive and a negative side, it has the power to lure, or to push away.

Attitude can also be described as mental energy.  From the moment you wake up, till you go to sleep, you are constantly generating this mental energy or attitude.  Just like a magnet, your mental energy has a positive and a negative side.  There is no neutral.  And that what your attitude is right now, is what you are drawing to yourself.  If your attitude is positive, like-minded people, situations will be drawn to you.  The same for a negative attitude.

There is only two animals on the planet, that the Creator identified himself with.  The first one is the eagle, and the second animal is the lion.  To understand this, it is important to understand the nature, the attitude of these two animals.  Both these two animals are the kings of their domains:  the eagle is the king of the bird kingdom, and the lion the king of the animal kingdom.

The Lion is not the tallest animal in the kingdom, nor is he the largest.  He is not the heaviest animal in the jungle, nor is he the most intelligent.  And yet, when he shows up, everyone runs away……

The lion is the king of the jungle because of one word:  attitude.  The lion has a different attitude that makes the other animals respect him.  The lion will see the elephant and think one word: lunch.  I can eat this thing.  The lion will act the way he thinks.  Now an elephant is larger, heavier, stronger and more powerful, and more intelligent than the lion, and yet, when the elephant sees the lion, one word comes to mind:   eater.

Attitude is a product of belief.  You cannot have an attitude beyond your belief.  So, your attitude comes from your belief system.  The lion is the king because of what he believed about himself.  He believes he is bigger, stronger, greater, more powerful, and that sets him aside from others.

You were born to do something very significant in the world.  Now you just have to believe that.  What you believe, becomes your attitude.

Think you are not strong enough?  Then you will not be.  Negative thoughts = negative power = pushing great things away. Saying to yourself you are strong enough = positive mental energy = attractive great outcomes = you WILL be strong enough.

So you see, attitude towards yourself can change you and in turn change the world.  See the lion in you.   Be the lion.