We live in such a unique time and age.  Everything is so different to 10 or 20 years ago, not only physically, but people have changed, their views have changed and sadly, also their morals.

Life has become so rushed, all about making more money, that our focus about life has changed, there is very little time to relax, spend time with friends and family.  This has caused many individuals to become short sighted, stressed and focused inwardly.  Our compassion become less, we are more concerned about ourselves and how we feel about life.  Corruption is literally everywhere, making us angry,  creating resentment and distrust to anybody around us.

Have you noticed how we first talk about everything going wrong around us, before we turn and say: “Now whats happening in your life that is positive.”

Sadly, we cannot always speak our minds and express our true feelings.  Unfortunately today, we are bound in our opinions, having to put a guard in front of our tongues.

I have this thing where, when I see a news article on Facebook, I first read the comments before I read the article..!  It’s bad, I know, but I love to read other’s opinions and thoughts first.  And in so doing, I have noticed countless times how people who gives their honest opinion, gets reprimanded, pulled apart personally and even threatened..  This saddens me, cause we are all entitled to our opinions and thoughts.  My opinions doesn’t mean I am right, but it’s how I perceive a situation.

This brings me to the title of this BLOG:  Value your voice.

When we “attack” others, whether verbally or in our thoughts, we create a bubble in our lives.  One where we tend to live in, where we feed this resentment and thrive on growing negative.  Because that is just what we do:  we become negative, focusing inwardly and not noticing life around us.  We just notice when we are wronged, when people look down on us, when we are neglected.  Our voice don’t count.

Just try one positive thought today.

Now it’s easy to say something positive about nature, or things close to us, that makes us feel safe.  Choose something that you cannot control.  Choose that one thing that angers you, and find the positive in there.  It’s hard to do.  But you now, when you start with one positive thought, one grows into two and before you know it, this feeling you created around you, will effect others around you and your voice gets valued.

We, on our own, cannot change other’s opinions and reactions and hurts.  But we can change our attitude, use our voice and add value to life.

We, on our own, cannot get rid of South Africa’s corruption, but we can value our voice, start to look at ourselves, rid our daily lives from corruption  –  you know that time, you didn’t stop at the stop street….. or quickly shot over the red robot when we though nobody looked.  Those little white lies we love to tell…. we think they won’t hurt anyone, but this is how corruption starts.  One little thing leads to the next and before long we cannot control the forceful drive that corruption creates.

Value your voice.  Start with yourself.  Obey the rules.  Stop pointing fingers and create value to your own life first.  Then when you speak, others will value your voice, because you have proven you practice what you preach.  Cover your voice with positive thinking, perfume it with positive words, even when you don’t feel like it.  Take pride in who you are.  Value your life and that of others.  And most importantly, value your voice enough so that others will follow your example.